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Exactly What is Spirituality?
Spirituality is being filled with the spirit, being confident in ones belief, possessing a spiritual essence. Most faiths talk about the spirit and spirituality. No one can deny that Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, the Dali Lama and the Reverend Jessie Jackson are all great examples of modern day spiritual people. But exactly what does that mean? Does this mean that you have to be religious to be spiritual?

What is Spiritual Wisdom
I have over 15,000 pages of "spiritual wisdom" on my main web site. The title of my web site is "Spiritual New Age Wisdom, but it never occurred to me to write about what "spiritual wisdom" is, until I received a posting in my guest book asking about it.

Spiritual Self Improvement and New Age Parapsychology Books - or Perhaps Mind Body Spirit!
Many people believe that new age books are different from spiritual books, even though there are so many books available that are described as new age spiritual books. If we look at the terms new age and spiritual, we find similarities, where spiritual refers to soul or spirit and new age has been described as 'of or relating to spiritual and consciousness raising movements'.


How To Cure Bed Bug Bites - Having bed bug bites all over your body could be one of your horrendous experience in life.
Diabetic Neuropathy - Diabetic neuropathy is a painful and debiliating problem for which little can be done with medication.
Aloe Vera A Great Plant for the Summer - Like a lot of people growing up, I got sunburns pretty regularly as a kid.
Pregnancy Acne Treatment Acne During Pregnancy - During pregnancy, acne can both clear and get worse.
A live Diying - A few days ago will celebrate the Day of Alzheimers, (September 21) disease that causes disorders among others: loss of physical, mental and motor and, eventually, death of the patient.