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A Brief Look at Hinduism
Hindu refers to the religious mainstream which evolved and spread across a large territory and is marked by significant ethnic and cultural diversity, resulting in an enormous variety of traditions within the religion from, small cults to massive movements of millions of followers. Prominent beliefs in Hindu include Dharma (personal duty/ethics), Samsara (the cycle of birth, death and rebirth), Karma (action and subsequent reaction), Moksha/Nirvana (liberation from samsara), and the various Yogas (paths or practices).

Have Love And Self-Esteem For Yourself And Krishna
That's an interesting title for a Krishna conscious blog-"Love Yourself." Many devotees are under the impression that we should love Krishna and denigrate ourselves! It is understandable that they think this way because there is many statements that one may misunderstand such as: Thinking oneself lower than the straw in the street, the soul is one ten thousandth the tip of the hair in size, the individual soul is tiny, one should be selfless and Etc.

Spiritual And Physical Needs Of Krishna
Hiranyaksa means one who has his eyes always on gold. Many years ago when I first joined the movement I would feel a definite antipathy towards persons like Hiranyaksa. Now I feel quite different (hopefully I have not become a demon!). When I read about Hiranyaksa and his ilk I feel sorry for how they are suffering due to their great desires and needs. So what we did today in class is to analyze the needs that Hiranyaksa had that caused him to have such emotional outbursts against God. These emotional outbursts were actually unfortunate expressions of his unmet needs.

Desire Good Things For Others And Good Things Will Happen
So, the person who is desiring to get a new sports car, beautiful wife, etc. is simply exhausting the fruits of his previous pious activities. If he knew this he would be more careful about his desires! This is the same concept Krishna describes in the Gita when he describes the plight of the souls who go to the heavenly planets because their good karma has bought them a vacation there.


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