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How a Mental Health Counselor Can Change Your Life
You do not have to suffer mental stress and depression alone. Instead, you should seek professional help and learn how a mental health counselor can change your life. Mental health statistics show that twenty-eight percent of Americans can actually benefit from counseling, although only a third of them will actually look for one.

The Abysmal State of Mental Health in the United States
The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech illuminates the colossal failure of government and public policy to all our citizens who have mental disabilities and are ignored, denied. blurred, blamed and are invisible. The Federal Government should lead in establishing an environment of reality and acceptance of treatment without the ignorant stigma of shame. Mental problems are just as legitimate as a cut needing stitches or a heart attack.

The Impact of Physical Illness on Mental Health
While there have been many advances made in the mental health field over the last quarter century, with mental health professionals acknowledging more and more mental illnesses and how they develop, one aspect of mental health is still not widely discussed. This is the actual impact that physical illness has on one’s mental health.

Mental Health Disorder Information
There are many different types of mental health disorders, any of which could affect any one of us at any time of our lives regardless of our age, gender, background or status. The most common type of mental health disorders are anxiety and depression related disorders. Certainly, all of us can experience anxiety at times, especially when we have a particularly difficult situation to deal with, like taking a driving test for example, or going for a job interview, but when the anxiety is so severe that it disrupts our daily lives, then it could be that we are suffering from an anxiety- related mental health disorder.


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