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Coming To Your Own Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual awakening refers to soul awakening, self-development, self-transformation, leading a balanced and integrated life, leading an internally joyous life, and leading a spiritual life. In one sense, spiritual awakening is ingrained as the by default universal purpose in the DNA of each of us. And we are already undergoing spiritual transformation - the pace and method and outward conditions differ.

Discovering The Truth About Your Spirituality
"Something should remind us once more that the great things in this universe are things that we never see. You walk out at night and look up at the beautiful stars as they bedeck the heavens like swinging lanterns of eternity and you think you can see all. Oh, no. You can never see the law of gravitation that holds them there." Martin Luther King Jr.

The Path of Spiritual Enlightenment With Self Realization
Spiritual enlightenment is a universal subject and quite difficult to define. It actually refers to the concept of self realization which can be achieved by years of dedication, meditation and spiritual growth. Self realization is a hindu concept of looking into ones's innerself. The concept of 'self' is more important which helps people think about something that is beyond their body and physique.


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A live Diying - A few days ago will celebrate the Day of Alzheimers, (September 21) disease that causes disorders among others: loss of physical, mental and motor and, eventually, death of the patient.